Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 15, 2011

Geez this week was tough but one to remember to never lose faith because the Lord always provides a way when we suffer!!! This week was a bad one at the beginning because first Natalia said I want you to baptize me so I was filled with such happiness to baptize this amazing girl but when Thursday came we had divisions!! So I went to Yuto to be senior comp. for 2 days and it was weird to have more time on the mission than my companion but in the morning I told him I feel like knocking some doors so we knock six and we entered in every single one which is a miracle!!!
So after 7 new investigators we start walking to lunch when I get prompted to knock one more and I say "I want to knock this blue door" and he says fine just do it!! So I walk up knock and before I could knock the senora opens the door and starts crying and my excited face turned to "what the heck happened?" I ask her what happened and she said come in please you guys are missionaries right? I gladly say yes why? and she responds and says "I have prayed for 3 days for help and when right before I opened the door, I felt like I had an angel at the door and opened to see a beautiful gringo with a nametag that says Jesus Christ". At this point my jaw was on the floor because she was so prepared to hear the gospel it was incredible so we enter as my comp. says good call on the door and we both laugh!! So we enter, sit down and she just starts talking and talking so we listened and this lady lost 2 of her daughters in the riot in my area and wanted to know what happens after this life so I nicely say "senora can we start with a prayer so the Lord can talk through us and invite the spirit" so I prayed and so I pulled out and started lesson 2 which is the plan of salvation. She was so curious it was so cool, we explained how we are the only church that recieves revelation through prophets. Yesterday, I received a call from Yuto and they said that 6 of the seven investigators that I found came to church and I told those missionaries "dont thank me because it wasn't my idea to knock, it was the prompting of the spirit".
I learned a lot this week that the Lord sent me to Yuto to inspire those people and because the Lord knows when I am prompted that I act on it. It is a miracle and a blessing to know that the Lord trusts me to listen to the spirit and to teach his children! I learned that if I wasn't obedient and if I had my mind on a different subject, I would not have listened to "knock those doors". I love this work and even though the baptism fell through, I know that the lord will bless us with more.
I know that satan is always close and ready because the companion I was with wanted lunch and was ready to eat but for some reason the spirit spoke to me to knock and she showed up to church. It is sad that I am in Ledesma and don't have the oppurtunity to teach those 6 that went to church but it makes me realize that when we receive an investigator, the investigator isn't ours and it isn't because we taught her or we found her. It is because we are here representing the only true church in the entire world.
This area we are in is hard and we have a lot of problems but 8 showed up to church and we have 12 with baptism dates so we hope to improve and work hard till we leave this area. I love this work and I know when I have the name tag, I can testify with power in a language that I just learned and I can connect with people that I just met.
I love being here and I love having all your support because the good times I had before my mission motivate me to work hard and complete with strength so when I come back, I can be happy and enjoy life even more. Everything I had in my life before has become but a blur because I am here and when I go to bed and wake up the next day, I wake up and am ready to put on that name tag, represent the family I love and the Lord who loves us. You are all in my prayers and I hope you all are being strong because these are the last days and we need our testimonies to survive.
Happy birthday mom, I cried thinking about how much I love you and all that you have done for me in my life. I wouldn't be anything without you. Like I've told you before, you and I are the most alike. Your son, brother and number one fan
ELDER DARBY representative of the Lord Jesus Christ

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