Tuesday, August 23, 2011

22 August 2011

Ok, my only stress now is another baptism fell through. I know that every single person says the numbers don't matter but this new president just got on our case because we don't have a baptism, it is freaking terrible!!! As of this point another great thing is that 2 weeks ago my companion told me he has no money and he actually doesn't!! So as this is the second time on my mission I have had to cover my companion and they are always latinos!!! They recieve 700 pesos every month and some how in 2 or 3 weeks they use it all!!! So i might have to pull more money out this week from the bank if his family doesn't send him any.

Well but now to the positive, things are going great 3 more baptisms fell because wine just happens to be the hardest thing to resist here!! Three of our investigators baptisms for next week fell because they need 3 weeks to be sober. Last night we go to one of our investigators house and he is there with his rock band and we taught all of them, it was hilarious!! So we now have 2 rock bands that want to listen to us when we go over to Damians. Things are getting better though because 14 families that were inactive have come back to church and also a member from my last area came to our church. It was great to see him and talk to him he was saying how the Sunday after I left everyone was asking what happened to me and wanted to know where I was to write me so at this point just about every week I have received a letter from my last area. It is great to know that they still care about me even though I was only there for 6 weeks!!!

TODAY WAS AWESOME!!!! We woke up this morning, cleaned our pension and went at 11 to make empanadas with our investigators. I was able to fold over 100 empanadas really fast so when I came home, I can make empanadas for everyone wooohhooo!!!!!!!! We ate with our investigators and just had so much fun chatting about the U.S.A. and my family. I swear that Florencia (she is 17) has a huge crush on Keegan always asking, "is your brother good at this and this and this"? She is so funny and such a great investigator that we are helping to get baptized along with the entire family.

After lunch we rushed to the church for our activity with the teenagers to play football because the church has a grass field next to it. (only in Argentina do they have soccer courts) We played for 3 hours and I actually did good. I was shocked because these kids are incredible with the ball and can move their feet so fast. I love this work and today and this last week was great!! We are working hard and helping so many families that have gone inactive and families that just are hurting big time. I thought a person that drove an old purpleish minivan with a giant gulp cup in the middle and fishing poles in the back was poor but there are neighborhoods with metal walls and one mom and 13 kids and 5 dogs and no money. The kids eat sugar cane which is bamboo but sugar. It is terrible but they always have a smile and when they came to church it was amazing to hear how many blessings they truly receive.

This church is the true church and it only motivates us to work harder because we aren't the ones hurting but this gospel is for everyone and I love being able to understand and talk with everyone, it is just the best!!! Pray for our investigators and pray for our safety because you all know that you are in all my prayers. I love you all and let Kevin Steed know that I love him and his example for everyone. With love and a million hugs from down here in Argentina Elder Darby

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