Monday, November 28, 2011

November 28, 2011

Mother I am also online right now!!  My clothing is great, shoes are not even scratched-they are bulletproof. No transfers, I didn't lose my companion so on Christmas we can talk to each others family. He is a gringo from Utah, Elder Yates, and you have been talking to his mom! 
The craziest change was I am still district leader but they changed the district area and now I have 7 missionaries to teach not just 4.  The president said to me that "I am the baptizer" and he switched the district because he wants me to help the other Elders what it is that I know. !!!!! How exciting, right? I mean me? Goodness, the Lord is just blessing me and my comp. and now we are gonna be together for Christmas-we are so excited!!! He is awesome and we are just like best friends, unified and doing amazing in the lessons that we teach. 
Mom, I love you so much and everything is great still in Jujuy San Salvador.
I have skype all ready with a camera plus 3 other houses in case one doesn't work so skype is guaranteed and yes I would love Danielle to be there because I want to show you how well I can bare my testimony. I don't want a sad call or to cry and say how much I miss you but a fun call to laugh and joke around a lot. Dont worry about packages you can send a few small ones but money would be better because customs charges me!!!!  I am working hard and the Lord is happy with me and has blessed me with spanish and with his spirit. 

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  1. Elder Darby!!! YOU ARE FAMOUS!!!!

    This is a link of E. Christopherson's mission tour in Argentina and Elder Darby's is on it!!!! =) Enjoy!