Monday, November 28, 2011

November 21, 2011

Things are looking great the transfers are almost over and that means I could be released as district leader (I doubt it but you never know). I am more worried about my companion leaving me and that will be a sad moment because we are just working so well together and working hard at that. I love Elder Yates, he is such a beast but the best part is the friendship we have and the spirit we carry with us. We baptize because people feel the spirit with us and feel comfortable and there is not a better thing to hear than a person when they say "I want to be baptized".  
That leads me to my next bit of information and yes it is another baptism that we had this last Saturday!!!! It was just awesome!!! It was tough because this boy is 11 and has one amazing testimony but his dad was a rough guy. We found out he loved old computer games and stuff so I chatted with him about his games and after a few lessons and fun chats he finally gave in.  Marco (the boy we baptized) came into the room and gave the most amazing testimony and his dad said, "he is ready-when is the baptism?" this was Wednesday and we said, "Saturday!!" The dad was excited then Saturday morning he called me and said, "I think my son needs another week to prepare" but the spirit filled me with an anxious feeling to open my mouth and I said to him "Brother, you could suspend another week and have his baptism next Saturday but he is ready and there is really no point to wait any longer because not only is he waiting but so is his Father in Heaven". Man it felt good to know that we are not the ones convincing these people, we are just small instruments that the Lord uses to bring forth his spirit to those who are ready. I know that there is not a more important work than the work I am doing! Sure I do feel far from my familiy and can't really relate to any of your stories or experiences but I can tell you I am filled with a more satisfying joy that can't be found anywhere else. 
I remember this last Saturday I watched as this amazing young boy entered the water, his testimony and the desire to be baptized. It was an amazing experience to baptized an angel and be able to watch as he looked up to me as a good person. I don't care if you are the coolest person and have the greatest party stories or whatever because none of that matters to the Lord. Although it might feel good to feel better than others we need to realize we are actually less if we think we are more. The humble people in the world are the ones who the Lord wants to call his children because they are the ones who set the example and are truly real representatives of our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST!!! I love you all. 

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