Tuesday, November 8, 2011

7 November 2011

HALLOWEEN EN ARGENTINA MEANS ALCOHOL AND PARTIES!!!!!!! Although a missionary sent me a fake heart wrapped in a meat package so that got me excited as my comp. woke up the next day, opened the fridge and yelled WHAT THE HECK IS THIS DARBYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man we are having so much fun together and I don't mean fun like visiting places or going to Dave and Busters but fun as in leaving the apartment and coming back just exhausted. But it is paying off with this last saturday we witnessed a true miracle.
We have an investigator that is 45 and when my comp. first met her like 2 months ago she was smoking 40 cigarettes a day!!! When I came, we got her to only smoke 2 so one day we passed by and I asked "how many cigarettes today?" She said NONE!!! So what did we do? I grabbed her cigarette pack and we each took one out of the pack and we destroyed them into an ash tray. It was so fun and she was never happier. After, I said here are the Doctrine and Covenants videos and Book of Mormon so if you get bored-watch these. So after a week of quitting and the special strength blessing I gave her, she's quit completely.
This past Friday we were about to leave when my comp. asked "what do you think of baptism, YOUR baptism"? She responded and said, " I have been thinking and I want to quit my other church and be baptized". You could only imagine the happiness we had so of course i gave out a Darby OOHHH YEAHHH!!! aND MY COMP A YYEEEHHAAWWW!!!
So, we set up a baptism interview the next day Saturday. She had her interview and her daughter turned to me, took out her piercing and said, "I want to be baptized as well"!!! So we set up another baptism interview an hour before the baptism. This last Saturday we had 2 BAPTISMS!!! MEANING 3 IN 2 WEEKS!!!!
The next best thing is that we have the Apostle Elder D. Todd Christofferson coming to talk with the whole mission and the next day to OUR WARD!!!! I am so nervous because we better have a lot of investigators in the church for this Sunday!!!
Family, friends it was so great to hear your halloween stories and to receive your emails. I am sorry that I never write anything really that great but I hope you realize it is hard for me to remember your lives and the things you are doing because here we have the spirit and are constantly thinking of our investigators.
I love you all and just to let you know some more information about Jujuy it is "hot" and I have been told this is the best area for weather in the entire mission because what is hot here is nothing in the other areas. It rains about every 2 days and I love the rain because it pours big time.
I ate peanut soup for my first time yesterday and it was good it has french fries, parsley, chicken drumstick, and ground up peanuts to make a really thin like mush. The taste was great but after we were walking back to the pension and we both felt really dizzy and just tired so as soon as we got in the pension I took my shoes off and my companion as well pulled out my Book of Mormon and just passed out for about an hour. I felt so guilty after but my companion (just an awesome elder) Said, "look the scriptures say don't run more that you have strength" so we figured out we were working really hard and it was a blessing to be able to relax just a bit.
We are seeing miracles and converting the most amazing members and usually we have about 67 in church but after visiting a ton of inactives we had over 100 people in church!!! The spirit is a blessing and as much as you all say some missionaries are better than others, all it is is obedience, prayer, and diligence!!!! Work with all your heart, might, mind and strenght and you will stand blameless before God in the last days. This is true because God is the God of miracles but we just have to devote our lives and time and talents.
My knowledge of the scriptures are great, my spirit is better and my testimony (in spanish) is strong. Not a lesson goes by without the spirit and I am so grateful to have such an amazing companion and friend to trust and inspire these amazing people of Argentina!!!! I love you all and don't strive to be adequate but strive to be a God because that is what this life is, not to follow Christ but to become our own Christ!!!! Work hard and share this amazing Gospel because every single person needs it. I love you all your son friend and number one fan ELDER DARBY

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