Friday, September 16, 2011


Date: Monday, September 5, 2011, 9:14 AM

Mom we are eternal and I know that because I know that what the lord says happens and although satan has a big hand on us here on the earth, we will definately be together forever. My blessing says I am promised our eternal family and I know it is the truth. Stay in there because God loves you, we have grown up amazing because of the great personalities we have and because we all have a ton of strength. Mom you say I am good with people but as I was in my first area I thought is was impossible to be loved without the language but it is incredible how loving the people here are.
So enough mushy stuff because I have such amazing news that I was crying just about every day this week because I am so happy!!!!!! So we have been teaching this person named Damian and he has a rock band and just loves wine and cigarrettes but after 2 months of calling and teaching he received his answer about this church and has dropped 12 of his closest friends for this church. I have viewed the most amazing change from him and this last testimony meeting I asked him if he wanted to say something. He said when?I said now and he got up in front of everyone and bore the most amazing testimony I have ever heard and in another language. Most of the members lost faith in him and asked us if he was drinking again and I can tell you he has quit wine and cigs for over a month. He has his baptism this SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!
The best is also we have an investigator called Hilda, she is incredible and quit ciggs as well for a month and her baptism is also THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Both said they are ready and want to be baptized!!!!!!!!
Today was transfers and me and the most amazing peruvian are together again!!!! I am so happy to work with him because he has faith. He also paid me back every cent he borrowed and said Elder Darby you seriously are the best thing on my mission and you don't know how much I love you and am so sorry for using money but it is all here. At this point I could only give this little peruvian a giant hug I mean he saved every receipt and paid it all back to me. We are so close, work hard and have baptisms to start off this transfer on a swing with the Lord and his spirit.
I have an amazing story to tell you and I swear it is true because I know the lord is right here with me. I have been feeling really down lately which is weird for me but 3 days ago I got down on my knees and prayed that I can be forgiven because I am terrible at getting up at exactly 7am, it is always 7:12 and so I feel guilty every morning. I prayed to be forgiven of all my faults and to feel thy love every day and today I woke up at 6:54am before the alarm, hopped out of bed said my prayer, looked at my watch and felt a feeling on my back like a pat or the feeling of a warm hug. Awesome!
We all have these trials here on the earth because we need to show we have faith and obedience. I have never felt so happy and know the lord was smiling and is happy for me because he wants me to prevail and I am his servant. I have really thought about this lately and have come up with my motivation phrase.
The lord knows and he loves us and I love him. We watched the movie the TESTAMENTS everyday this week during lunch and it is impossible to not cry when papawa receives his eyesight from Jesus Christ. He gave his life and was strong and perfect, I mean perfect. Every prophet has his faults and so do we but Jesus was perfect. It is incredible to me because we forget that he suffered and payed for us so we can be free of our sins but when we reject him it is as if he didn't die for us. This hit me hard because everyday I strive to be better and I know each one of us have a perfect example to follow. We have so much help, the scriptures, the prophet, the church and our families!!!! We are here to be tested and I know everyone of us can pass as long as we do one thing. Act with the faith we have.
I love you all so much and hope these emails are what you want. The church is true please stay strong.

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