Monday, September 19, 2011

19 September 2011

The life here is so fun and so care free. There aren't lays or speed limits or regulations on anything. The best is that there money system is so messed up. The bank prints more 100 pesos bills and the best part is that no one ever has change. So you have to buy at least 10 pesos of sodas or candy to get change for 100 pesos. Also the second best part is that the stores pay people with candy. For some reason there aren't enough coins here (or I have all of them). When you buy something and it is 2 pesos and 57 cents, you only have to pay 2 pesos and 25 cents.
Then there is the cars which are just tiny. The biggest car they have is a dodge ram truck which is very rare. The cars here are all rusted out, they don't use gasoline, instead they use natural gas which has great mileage-but no power with the pedal.
We see the funniest things here that make me laugh every day, ladders made of sticks, cars get towed with bungie cords and the ugliest dogs with the nastiest sicknesses!
But I love it here the people are so humble and just so nice. Recently the mom of one of the members is in the hospital and she has always been a die hard catholic but we went and visited her. She is insistent that before she meets her she heavenly father she now wants baptism in our church and it was just so terrible to watch her suffering because she is too close to death that this will happen. I have so much more love for the people here and when one is suffering or begging it seriously burns my heart to hear them just crying. So to bring her some relief and happiness while in the hospital we decided to watch videos of the church and teach her to have hope. She is an amazing person but is just so lost without the knowledge that we have in this church.
Anyway i have great news-this saturday me and my companion have 3 MORE BAPTISMS!!!!!!!!!! we are turning this area into a gold mine. Before we had only 25 people in church and now have 70. This area was the second worst for baptizing in all the mission and now we are rocking it. OH I LOVE BLESSINGS FROM OBEDIENCE!!!!
Every morning one of us wakes up a little earlier than the other and no matter how tired we are we always yell at each other to wake up. It is so funny and i just love my companion. We are obedient and working hard and we actually had to skip studies this last weekend just to have lessons. It is so amazing to be here, working so hard, having success because people are listening to the lessons and coming out to church. We also have permision to go to another town this week to teach people where there aren't missionaries but people have a desire to be baptized.
I am just so happy that the Lord has enough trust in us to bless us to the max to change this area with baptisms and to change lives.
What I'm really anxious for is in 2 saturdays we will have a baptism in a river!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh I love this work, I love my days and am so happy you don't even know how much happiness I have to see our investigators come to church and hear them testify that this only true church and how it has changed their lives.
Family, I love you all and know you are all in my prayers.
I am so grateful that I had a mom who always took us to church and attends the temple. I know I am blessed because of your faith.
Your elder and number one fan ELDER DARBY chau

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