Friday, September 16, 2011


Well mother first off I can say that I have never been happier in my entire life than I am this weekend!!!! Mother, yes, I have my photos stored and next week I want to send them to kodak easyshare so you can view all of them and save them for me. Also my photos are awesome!!! Everyone that sees them says "now this is the camera of a missionary". I figured that this was a good thing because I want to be able to have a slideshow and not put everyone to sleep when I get home. My photos are of my companions, giant insects, rat killing videos, baptisms, crazy dogs, amazing food and the jungle. I figure that these are what people want to see because I'm happy and that I'm having a freaking blast!!!! Anyway I don't want to share how hard this area is and how bad the missionaries before me were but of the amazing plans we have for the next few weeks.
To start it off this week was awesome!!!! Now I know the last time I had a rat story-it was epic but I want to let you know that me and my companion sent another rat to rat heaven this week. He was living under the oven and one day I was cooking pizza and wouldn't you know it-out runs another rat and climbs down the water drain. Three days later he eats all of my flour, stole my chocolate bar and ate many of my coco pebble cereal. But one morning I heard him under the oven, told my companion to come and we blocked every exit and legitamately played hockey with him till finally I grabbed a metal bar and let him know how much I hated rats, so hopefully NO MORE RATS!!!!! Don't worry, I've taken 2 awesome videos of this giant creature running around and us screaming like little girls. Not only the rat but aeresol and a match are just amazing weapons to kill cockroaches as well.
As I explained this last week we had 2 investigators who had 3 times attended church and progressed. DAMIAN GUTIERREZ quitting alcohol and cigarettes for 3 months and he experinced water this last saturday...meaning BAPTISM!!!!!
HILDA VALASQUEZ after quitting cigarettes for 4 months, also experinced water meaning that this last saturday the 10th of september me and my companion Elder Chavez from peru baptized 2 amazing people. The best part isn't the baptism, it came the day after their baptisms on saturday both of our investigators had an interview with the president.We waited 30 minutes for the interview to end, I was losing my patience and was worried because 30 minutes is a long time. Then Damian walks out of the interview with Hilda by his side both look at each other and smile really big and say "look we are gonna serve missions". I have never smiled bigger in my entire life because not only did we bring 2 amazing people unto salvation but they want to serve as well.
Family I have never felt more successful in my entire, 2 powerful children of God found the right path and are following it with the most faith I have ever seen in my entire life.
So yes we had 2 baptisms this last saturday and sunday, we had 67 people in church and not this saturday but the next we plan to baptize another amazing man who quit an addiction he has had his entire life; chewing cocaine leaves, smoking and drinking.Exciting news is we have his baptism date, permision from the president of our mission and of the ward to baptize him in a RIVER!!!!!!!!!!!! He said to us a few weeks ago that he wants the same baptism as Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith in a river. Awesome, hugh. It will be an amazing opportunity to baptize someone in a river.
So mother don't worry, I haven't even served for a year and I have great stories to share and just wait till I finish 2 years. Family, I love you all. I want you all to know that ever since I woke up at 6:58am every morning we have been receiving so many more blessings. Lesson learned is that God our Father in Heaven wants to bless us in so many ways and even if one thing as small as 10 minutes is off, then he can't do his part when I'm not doing mine.
I love you all. Plus, the president changed the rules meaning I can write family, friends and anyone I want so send me an email and this time I'm allowed to respond.
My quote of the week is

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