Friday, September 16, 2011


WOW MOTHER YOUR EMAILS ARE ALWAYS JUST AWESOME AND THEN THE EMAILS FROM KEEGAN who is just such a stud but how tall is he right now?
Ok this week was great, bad and perfect again. Monday was awesome-we relaxed and played soccer for 4 hours, which for a missionary that has 30 minutes a day to do sit ups and push ups is a longtime to play, but we found 3 new awesome teenagers to teach!!!! I arrived in this area and about 12 people came to church and only 2 young men and 2 young women!! You want to know how hard we work? This last sunday we had 86 PEOPLE IN CHURCH!!!!!
12 YOUTH AND 6 INVESTIGATORS IN CHURCH!!!! Before the mission, Sunday was always relaxing (until Keegan got in the driver seat) but now it is the most AMAZING EXPERINCE EVER!!! First we arrived at church at 9 am and barely anyone is there but after all the taxis arrive, we had a ton and with every taxi that arrives, I always have a giant smile because it is so great to see familiar faces that know the gospel is true and have decided after many years of being inactive- came back. When the classes start we always teach gospel priciples which is just so weird in spanish with about 12 people in the class. Man I love these Sundays.
We got permission from our president to play soccer every Saturday and have activities every Friday and now we are just rocking with the youth and they are just so amazing. These youth live 30 to 40 minutes away and walk to church every Sunday-it is awesome. We are working a lot with them and right now we have 3 more youth investigators to teach.
This last Wednesday we taught Maximiliano who is amazing!!!! We are teaching him, his older sister Florencia and the younger sister Yamila. Last Wednesday he was alone in his house and we knocked (clapped) his door and he said "oh elders hey my friends and I are going to play soccer, I have a game for a lot of money but do you want to come in?" So we said if you are busy we can pass by another time and he said no, the word of God is much more important than soccer. You can only imagine my face with a smile on it as big as if I caught a fish times 10. I was so happy that he understood!!!! So we entered and he completely ditched his friends to talk to us, it was awesome!!! Also about 2 or 3 minutes into the lesson we asked him about his prayers and if he received an answer and he said no but I want to be baptized.
Me and Elder Chavez were so excited and both just stood up and gave him high fives because he believes and read the first 3 chapters of the book of mormon.
He is so amazing and said with or without my sisters this sunday, I am going to church. So just yesterday a little after 9 am here he is with his sister and said she wanted to sleep but woke up to come.
I love maxi and he loves fishing and sports so immediately we were able to talk about fishing and sports. He is so much like Keegan and is 14 years old. He loves this gospel and we know he will be baptized along with his sisters and with our prayers to change the hearts of the parents them as well. This work here in Ledesma is hard but we are working hard to change the branch.
With more inactives and our investigators we have quadrupled the number of actives and even though the baptisms aren't great, we should have 5 not this Saturday but next. So please pray for our investigators that we can help them to prepare to receive the keys to enter into the kingdom of God.
I love you all and know that you are all in my prayers. I am here working hard and even though the President of the mission doesn't like our numbers, he doesn't realize that this branch is changing big time and when we get some more support from the members, the baptisms will come.
Well family I am happy and so thankful to speak Spanish just fine that all can understand and I can understand them. This language that once seemed impossible became possible with 2 things that we all need. Faith and trust in Christ and second is our diligence to always be obedient and follow our savior Jesus Christ!!! I love you all. Stay strong, have faith, and share the love of God that sheddeth itself in the hearts of men.
Love always Elder Darby

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