Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October 17, 2011-Transfer

Well the baptism didn't happen but it is because he wanted to go to his other church. I told him that if he truly wanted his salvation and the best life then follow not our words and not our promises but the promises of the LORD!!!!!!!! Man I have never testified with more power than with him. He started crying said it was true and next Saturday will be baptized - but not by me. That is because I, Elder Darby, am in SAN SALVADOR JUJUY!!!!!!!!! Transfered and with a change in my mission because after 8 months in Argentina and 10 months on the mission, I am now SENIOR COMPANION!!!!!AND DISTRICT LEADER!!! My companion is Elder Yates, he is from Logan, Utah and has the desire to work. I am his second companion, he can't speak very well but hey our new goal is that we are gonna baptize every single week.
Man i have never felt more motivated to work than now and to be an example and to cast off any habit and be perfectly obedient!!! The prophet said if we are obedient on our missions we won't just double baptisms, but exceed to an unknown number. Family, friends I believe in every single word the prophet says and I know even though I am not perfect with spanish and not the most amazing with scriptures I KNOW I AM NOT BLAKE, I AM ELDER DARBY, a representative of Jesus Christ and the same Jesus Christ that lived a perfect life and suffered more pain than anyone ever has. I am here not to know every tourist spot or to make myself look good, I am here to be a missionary and a missionary that doesn't set high goals or have the most faith, isn't a missionary at all.
I think of Alma and how he baptized thousands if not more because he cried for the sins of his town and now I am here and ready to be the most amazing servant of all. The best part is that it isn't me that is teaching, it isn't me that is waking up on time, it isn't me baptizing and it isn't me that changes these people; it's the spirit.
I can say to everyone of you that our life is not for us but it is for one thing and that is THE GOSPEL!!! Study the scriptures, pray sincerely and tell God everything and with faith it will all be received.
I love you all so much and I am exactly 6 minutes away from my first area on the mission and when I think of how I wasted the Lords time and was disobedient in Perico, I need to make it up that time from now on.
I want to tell you all to pray not for my health and not for protection but to prepare the people here that I will receive revelation to talk with everyone and when I share a testimony or the word of God, they will be prepared to receive the keys to enter into the most desireable place and that is the Glory of God. Help the missionaries invite everyone because without this gospel we have NOTHING!!! I love you all and say that I am here to work and be the best love your Elder Darby

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