Thursday, October 13, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh today was really interesting and this week was tough.
Today we woke up at 7 just like always but we went to a cyber to write but it was closed and we found out today was a holiday so I am now in the worst cyber ever and it is very slow to write anything. Well this won't be the longest email but the great news is that this Saturday we are baptizing once again and in a RIVER!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited because this investigator is incredible. He quit wine, beer, coca and cigarettes because he feels the church is true and when we taught the word of wisdom he said, "I am of the devil". It was funny but after 2 months, he is finally ready to enter into the water.
I love it here although this climate is at 112 degrees farenheit. It is hotter than Sacramento and the bay area combined and with humidity, white shirt tie and black pants it can really mess with you. It is hot but the best part is people are finally active. It is like they hibernate here when it is cold and when it is an oven outside they love it. It is the funniest schedule but hey we are working hard and doing great.
I also have other great news and it is that Elder Audukitis of the Seventy is coming this Sunday to speak to all the members in our stake which isn't very many, so I am so excited to meet him and talk in spanish with a man of the seventy. He isn't a Larry Y. Wilson but he is still just as important. haha
So everything here is great we finally had a ton of investigators in the church and a bunch of inactives that we pass by every week. I hope everyone is doing good because it is just so different to be living here while you all have cell phones and CARS!!! I mean the only time we get in a car is a taxi or a bus but their cars are from Spain meaning just tiny as can be.
Lets see, also the sport soccer here is just huge, I mean every block has goals and a little field to play soccer and right now is the tournament so everyone is excited to watch Argentina play. I love it because we will enter a mud shack of a house but they will have a giant flat screen tv. It is amazing how things here are nothing. They don't care if you have a nice phone or car and every dog here is just sick. It is just such a different lifestyle but I love it.
Me and my companion are working hard but we are nervous because this next Monday are transfers and he just got called as district leader so most likely I will leave. I really don't want to leave but I know the Lord has his ways and always calls us where we need to be. I know that I was called here because I could change this area. From an area that had one baptism every 6 months and now we have baptized 5 in one month. Now tell me that isn't a blessing from God.
I know this work has it's ups and downs but when it is down we always have hope and faith because without it we wouldn't be so happy when things got better. A lot of missionaries ask me how I've baptized so many or how do you get so many people to church? All I say is that I am guided by what the spirit tells me. I know we all have the spirit and it is always talking to us at every moment.
Family, friends and gf i love you all and it has been over 10 months since I have seen any of you but hey 1 year and 2 months left till I can share my crazy stories and be with you all again. I love you all and I want you all to follow the words of the prophet. I love what the apostle said "we need to be as quick to kneel as we are to send a text". I took this to heart and it has changed my attitude and the amazing happiness I feel every day. I challenge you all to do the same and give thanks because this world isn't yours, the money you have, isn't yours and the families we are in, aren't ours. They are our Fathers and He deserves our gratitude. Stay strong, have faith and be obedient. I promise that nothing is better in a life than the spirit of the lord. Love Elder Darby

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