Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 14 2011

Que Tal? Familia, amigos, amigas y novia. (family friends, friends, and my girl)
I figured i would put a translation up there for you rusty and mom who can´t spell HOLA correctly!!! Hey ok so i am working as hard as can be and i have 3 great things that happened this week and last week
1. gave my first 15 minute talk in sacrament meeting (i wrote the whole thing)
2. I went on divisions and fully did 2 fluent door contacts in castellano
3. Taught my first fluent lesson in castellano
4. Fulfilling my purpose because......i AM BAPTIZING DIEGO THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!
1. My talk on missionary went so well it took me 3 days to write so about 3 hours to write and boy was it powerful on how missionary work is not just the work of the missionaries but rather the work of members and missionaries. The spirit gave me a great accent and all members after said they understod all of it so as nervous as i was before i asked in a prayer to feel confidence and it came. Being obedient to the rules and seriously having faith is the key to being successful in everything we need help with in this life.
2So to start with number two. Divisions is one day with a new companion and a new area which is even more nerveracking right??? well it turned out it was great practice for me. I went up to Monterrico because my comp. and the comp. in Monterrico was sick so i filled his spot. Monterrico is tiny and boy is it ghetto as can be and i don´t mean oakland but i means the slums like cardboard houses wild dogs and freaky looking people who i actually love now. Anyway so 2 appointments fall through so bad news but then he says let´s knock doors so at this point missionaries smiles turn bad but this particular moment i was excited and kept a positive attitude. So we knock sorry my comp. for the day Elder Swenson from Utah knocks about 20 doors and nothing. So he turns to me and says you knock a few i bet you will have more success then i will so after some debating and me freaking out i knocked "Hello we are missionaries of the church of Jesus Christ can we come in and share a message about Jesus Christ with you and your family?" she said "i don´t know" i say "do you believe in Jesus Christ?" she says yes so i tell her jesus christ is central mto our church and he has called me and my companion to share this message to all that are willing to recieve it. So she smiles and LETS US IN HER HOUSE!!! i was so happy and shocked and my comp. Elder Swenson just hits me in the arm. Anyway after that great lesson we knock next door and i say a similiar speal and once again teach a lesson. The spirit trult blesses those who have faith and keep a positive attitude as hard as that is to do it is just as easy to do.

3. So 5 minutes into this lesson with my man Diego i can see the boredom on his face and also when he said the opening prayer he had to read the instructions meaning he doesn´t pray. So the spirit tells me to take over so i stop my comp. and teach about Joseph smith and i ask him what prayer is and he said i don´t know. I took out some very basic scriptures and had him pretty much explain to himself what prayer was and i promised him blessings and taught about repentance. I first asked him what is repentance? he had no clue eventhough my comp. was teaching this so i had him read scriptures and had him testify. Oh by the way this lesson was on wednesday. We left with a word of prayer and visited him saturday he said he prayed 10 times in 3 days i was so proud and gave him candy for what he did. He came to church and which leads me to my 4th point.
4. Diego is golden we get to visit him tonight and i can´t wait to see his progress he is truly amazing and this saturday he said he wants me to officially baptize him and when he said this i actually started crying. Man i am so excited because i accomplished my goal in just a short month this is the best news i have. Oh and i created a cd of all my pictures so i will send it once i upload my pics from my baptism this saturday.
I can testify this is the work of the lord he is on my side and blessed me with a new launguage this week and Diego. My talk my lesson and my confidence has grown i realized it is not me out here anymore it is the lord working through me. He blesses his servants and i am a true witness to that. I didn´t plan what to say for a door contact or for a lesson but i listened to the spirit and it wasn´t my testimony that worked it was the lords. He knows us and loves us and if we need something it will come, i can sincerely promise this and many other things. I love you all and how about that tsunami haha well nos vamos or see ya later till next monday. i AM ELDER DARBY AND I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE.

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