Monday, March 28, 2011


ok Argentina is not what you would expect it and that is a guarantee. The area i am in has a lot of life thank goodness and it is kinda like a small city with some cement streets and others that are dirt, mud, and gravel. The best part is there are no real rules so waterballoons are so loved here and everyone seems to have and throw them at cars people and the 500 dogs in one block. There aren´t really any laws and the firework shows every so often are great i mean there is a store across from our pension that sells giant fireworks and they are legal here. So every few nights we see fireworks a block away and they are like professional shows. The people here are amazing because 15 year old girls have families it is crazy to see such a young girl with a ton of kids on a leash. Yes they can´t afford strollers so leashes or shopping carts are very popular. Since i have heard so much about a fire department well there is no one here and the closest is 2 hours away so it is crazy because people here have fires in the street and everything. Also the medical is terrible, like when we helped that lady when she collapsed well an ambulance only comes when they are dying and it takes 2 hours or they don´t show. The hospital is fairly close so if something did go wrong a taxi for a few pesos is the best bet.
ABOUT THIS BAPTISM!!!! it of course was cancelled but my happiness just got extended because it is this saturday!!! Well why was it cancelled? well the bishop thought that since diego´s family was inactive they needed one more week to prepare but then we found out the bishop had no authority to say that so we called the bishop president. The president said wait one more week and baptism that boy so it is this saturday. It is sad because i now can´t say i had a baptism every transfer but for a gringo to baptize this early of an investigator he found is almost a record. So i am happy to keep the Darby name going!!!The saying here is Perico is Rico and that is a fact we actually have a great plaza to do street contacts even though it is hard as can be but we also have the best bus terminal here and best taxi terminal. The traveling is great a freaking great double decker bus for in american dollars is $1.75 or 7 pesos. We just get on it to go to district meeting once a week and of course sports on mondays with my zone. We play soccer basketball and i convinced everyone to play volleyball next week. I love my zone and i survived my first transfer today!!! We have one new missionary in our pension and he is from kansas so Alek Woster you are thought of and i bet i will hear a lot about back in kansas!!! My mother in the mission was here when i was born and just died today(went home) so my mother is dead. If you were a missionary it would make more sense but today was the end of the transfer and all the missionaries going home made me realize i will learn this launguage and i am way new.
Well things are great as can be and i am loving every moment a ton so for everyone stay strong and if in doubt look at Helaman 5:12 it is so great and about building the rock of christ. Ilove you all but for now peace out and after this baptism i will send home a cd of all my pics so far on my mission!!! Love always Elder Darby

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