Wednesday, March 2, 2011


reak it is so great to hear and read all your emails and, Mom-Prince and Carlos Santana, geez!! He is huge here in argentina and the first question i always get is what famous people live in the u.s but then i realized all of them do. Well enough about that. 
Ok this week has been unbelievable with all our work just going so well and i can finally somewhat understand what people are saying to me. I can finlly have conversations with investigators and it has only been about 3 weeks here in the amazing country of Argentina!! Well lets just say this week we had 6 baptism challenges 11 new investigtors and placed 5 books of mormon. This week has out shone every other week by just so much it is amazing!! Plus today was an awesome day, we as a zone went to humacoa, i spelled that wrong, but it was the greenest landscape i have ever seen on the drive up there. The craziest is the altitude is 16,000 feet which is way taller than any mountain in Utah. When we arrived at the actual town it was way cold (which felt amazing) and it was so mexico so mexico!! We played pool and i killed these latinos and also we drank lots of Fanta.  All the missionaris bought things but it is all llama hide and i wasn´t too interested. Oh i  bought some earrings for you Danielle but i am not sure how to send them yet, but i will figure it out. 
Ok, well our lessons went so well this week starting with Maria. She has been an investigator for a year and we go to see her twice a week-she just works way too much. Anyway, while chatting with her, her friend came in the room.  She is about 50 and came in just to hear my prayer. After my prayer she sat down and we talked, my companion loves just chatting!!  After the meeting, Marias friend, Rosaria, comes up to me and told me about how she felt a need to hear our message because of the prayer i said. It was a great feeling.  Somehow, in spanish, I pulled out a restoration pamphlet and gave her a brief summary in 2 minutes then she said "wow it feels so real", so boom, i placed a Book of Mormon in her hands. It was seriously a miracle to finally understand her and be able to be confident in my Spanish. We met with her again yesterday and she has a baptism date!!!!!!! I KNOW IT WAS THE BEST FEELING OF ALL TIME!!! 
After we got some ice cream and they sell those firework candles everywhere so i bought 1 for 3 pesos which is 75 cents in america. It was a miracle and i seriously thought my PAPI or trainer was gonna cry he was so proud and just as shocked as i was. Man do i love this work it is amazing to teach with power and to know that these people i love and desire to teach about salvation can understand me.
So my area is Perico in Jujuy. The saying is Perico is Rico!!! It is a lot nicer than i had expected and surprisingly i haven´t felt in danger or scared even once here. I don´t know if it is because i am so much taller than everyone here, but everyone is so nice to us except for kids with water balloons and the drivers here. The drivers are crazy- if you are in the way- they honk so clearly the cars have the right of way.  Sometimes people get hit like 2 days ago a lady got hit by my favorite car, a Chevelle ss. He pulled up to a light, the light went green and the lady was there so he honked and she stayed and WACK, she was on the ground and he sped off. We helped her up and she was deaf so this was the best miracle of all time!!! WHY DID I LEARN SIGN LAUNGUAGE IN HIGH SCHOOL?  Well i believe it was to speak to this lady and i kid you not, this did happen!! She was so nice and we grabbed her few things and somehow i remembered how to sign quite well and boy did i shock my companion. Her name was Alejandra and, of course, the song came to my head.  It was a miracle and i was so glad the lord placed me there to help this 50 year old lady, it was the coolest thing ever. What made me mind boggled is that apparantly they don´t have spanish sign launguage or she knew english because we both signed in english, so who knows just another miracle. 
Ok so kids and water baloons!!!  Thank goodness i can catch and throw because this one little boy threw one, i turned, caught it and threw it next to him and he just ran. It was so funny. Tons of girls say hello to me and try to speak english but as a joke i look puzzled and say in my best Argentine accent "yo no hablo ingles", i don´t speak english and the girls just turn bright red and start laughing.  Although the other day a few little boys about 6 yrs. old said hello so i said, "hey what is up you 2?" and for 5 blocks they kept asking how do you say this in english and they would point. The kids here are just adorable and it is good training when i go home to the great Dane!!
Anyway i love these people.  I love this work and I love the scriptures. One lady asked about the after life and said it says nothing in the bible and i said, "are you sure?" I showed her first Corinthians and handed her a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and said if you have any questions,  please call because she wouldn´t give us her address. I hope to get a call from her because i love to see the change in people when they realize their purpose on this earth.
I know mine is to do this work and to share this gospel as much as i can. I sent out 3 letters this last week one for the fam. One for Danielle, of course, and One for The priest quorum so look for those in the mail.  I hope you recieve them soon.  I love you all so much and please write me emails.  I mean if you read this, reply please and ask me questions or if you have concerns, please let me know, i look at my email once a week and love to recieve emails-they are amazing!!  Or send me your address and i can send you a letter sometime. I mean I've got 21 months left so please write me. Well sianara, i love you all tons and you are all in my prayers till next time, the one and only Elder Darby in Perico Argentina

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