Monday, February 14, 2011


it is time again for an email and boy do i have a lot to talk about. i am in argentina and am loving every moment even though i barely understand anyones spanish. sorry for the typos in this email the keyboard here is way different and slanted. ok so i love you all and it is so nice to be out of the MTC, thank goodness eventhough my spanish is terrible. The flights out here were long but way fun, i placved 2 books of mormon on the flight and taught 4 people the gospel in spanish. It was way hard but somehow it worked it in the end. So the weather here in argentina is humid and overcast, thankgoodness because the sun makes it super hot here and the rain feels so good. So wednesday we arrived in buenos aires argentina and boy was it a culture shock but seeing the temple right next to the freeway was so great. Then our driver took us to the Salta airport and we flew to salta and only one man on the plane spoke english and he sat next to another missionary. Knowing my luck i sat next to a lady from France that spoke half french and half spanish so understanding her french spanish accent was way tough but i loved getting to know her and others on the plane flight in a new launguage. We arrived in salta and boy is it green here WOW!!!! we walk out of the baggage claim and are greeted by the mission president and all the green trees and plants. It was so amazing to finally arrive in an unknown country teaching the gospel i love in a new launguage. Then we drove to the mission office and had the best pizza (yes dad it beats round  table and X pizza combined.) We then drank so much juice and i recieved 4 dear Elders from Erik and boy were they funny as can be i mean they asked about my first day in the MTC, so Erik i am proud to say you are my brother haha with love. So anyway after the mission office was the bus station and wow what an experience. One thing they don´t tell you in the MTC is to not look at the magazine stands because they are really bad. Anyway we arrive at the bus station and get on a bus and take a 2 hour trip to my first area PERICO and the saying in PERICO IS RICO!!!!! Which it totally is and i love it like no other here i mean eating pollo for lunch and dinner and drinking about 4 liters a day of Fanta soda or Juice. You all know i love my juice and i ate a mango on friday OH MY GOSH BEST MANGO OF MY LIFE. I have yet to find a guava fruit but i will. So we arrived in Perico and it is kinda ghetto i took many pics so don`t worry Alix i know you love pictures. Lets see my companion my new companion, Elder De La Cruz!!!! no joke in spanish it means of the cross. I have not laughed harder when i met him and he picked me up and swung me around, from that first moment i knew i would love this mission and that i am blessed. My companion is a native from Buenos Aires and he is about 5 foot 2 just tiny. Oh wait this whole country is tiny!!! they call me gigante which i love and i know keegan will because that is our favorite basebal team and they won the world series so booyah!!! Another thing keegan will like is keegan here Gatorade is 2 pesos which means 50 CENTS in american money 50 CENTS and they have different flavors like green mango strawberry and guava they are amazing just like every type of juice in this country. I drink about 3 juices a day and it is so freaking amazing i love it!!! So money wise as i said 4 pesos to a dollar and the church gives us credit cards with 700 Pesos for 1 MONTH it is a lot here. So i spend about 6 pesos a day and love being the rich one here it is so nice to be a foot taller than everyone, have nice clothes, and a real shower which i found out was warm the other night thank goodness. I had 5 cold showers and that first warm one was unbelieveable oh man i was loving it so much. Keegan about the Gatorade i will buy a few juices and candies before i leave and i will fly home with them so you can try some real real juice. COCA COLA IS EVERYWHERE. There is a coke stand about every 4 houses and the best part we aren't allowed to have any coke i am so sad but they have so much other stuff.
Ok you now know my english is worse the people here are short, everything is cheap and i eat chicken and empanadas a ton now for a story. So 1 day it was so freaking hot with son and me and my comp. are new to this area so we contact everyday but anyway so it is hot i am out of clean water and we are both dying in the sun for 5 hours of no responses on doors or the common response"otro dia por favor" which meansd another day please. But wer are walking and there are no stores i look up and say man i need a blessing companion and a minute after i kid you not a member calls our name. Elders come here!! my heart jumps i was so excited because it was our new investigator Sabastian he is this big guy short but stalky and he says here elders. He hands us each 4 pollo, potato,queso,onion empanadas and a glass sprite each. I looked at my companion and i swear i could have cried i was so happy and felt so loved eventhough the only thing i said in that lesson with sabastian was my testimony. Love the lord and follow his commandments because he will answer your prayers. That was a blessing and another story is the other 2 missionaries in our ward had a baptism last saturday and so of course i have to give a 5 minute talk in spanish on the holy ghost. I wrote it and my companion checked it but man up came the baptism and i have never talked with a better accent than at that moment and after i8 realized God was my companion and i am in Jesucristo`s shoes. Well the investigators love me and my comp and for luches we eat pollo and rice and boy do i love it like no other plus jello is the best here.
So obviously tons has happened and as everyone says you get discouraged it is not true because i laugh aty my self all day. Yesterday i said "A traves de el ejemplo de Jesucristo nosotros perdonado por nuestros pescados" in english it means "through the example of jesus christ we can be forgiven for our fish" yeah the word for sin is "pecados" not "pescados" so i had the best laugh after when the investigator looked totally confused and i realized i said fish not sins. I love it here and the people love seeing my english scriptures and hearing about my family and california. I love thinking about my family and my novia and of course  my friends , i love you all and will send a letter hopefully this week so expect a letter in about 2-3 weeks maybe a few letters who knows haha. My time for email has come to an end and i love you all so much and honestly i am having so much fun i mean today we played basketball and soccer and i was with elder seipert all day today. He was in my district and my bro. I love you all and keep me in your prayers because there are a lot of dogs here and they attack just not me yet and when i say a lot of dogs i mean easily 12 per house no joke. I am taking pictures and am not sick so with me luck i love you all till next time your
son, friend, amigo but always everyones brother ELDER DARBY!!!

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